Monday, February 4, 2013

Mirror Image


Mélange said... fact I loved the way you come up with Gauriamma..the lines are so funny..

On another note,I don't think he is much anxious on that.It's after all what he decides and the way he is carrying on.Being a better judge himself,weighing pros & cons,this is something he is intentionally throwing.What I often think is how strong his mindset is to come up with such strong stands.If you really go deeper it's actually V.S the comrade in today's much diluted 'ism' Vs V.S the individual activist who is much consciously 'committed' to ever-evolving public opinion.

anilkurup said...

Quite apt in the context. But if one debates on the consequences or the reaction from the party politburo, I doubt if it would be similar to the fate meted out to K.R.Gauri or MVR. For Acthuthanandan's mass appeal is unparalleled in CPM history though only next to AKG and EMS.