Wednesday, January 30, 2013

സത്യം എന്നെ "സ്വതന്ത്രനാക്കി"


Mélange said...

I loved the way you have come up with the drawing.But you know Thomas,with all those profiles I have gone so far,this man most often goes vague or unpredictable.Which has left me with many doubts..It's not only truth,but his self notions,kind of vibes and this terrific ego no body has so far seen- may be guiding him.Whatsoever,he is the best of tactics I have seen recently.
kudos to those perfect lines of yours Thomas !

anilkurup said...

He may be a good whistle blower and not a person to mince words. But he is not a person to create and sustain something he has begun , I fear. Look at the publicized , high profile Munnar evictions, that whimpered.