Friday, April 13, 2012

My Lalithakala Academy Award Citation and Dedication

Happy to present my Lalthakala Academy Award which I would like to dedicate to the following people. (1) My father, late Prof. K. P. Antony who encouraged even after catching me red-handed drawing cartoons during home work hours, (2) Eminent cartoonist, Shri. Yesdudasan, who not only accepted my first cartoon for publication in Asadhu, but also wrote a letter of encouragement and on how to improve, (3) Late Shri. P. Sreedharan, editor of The Express, who mentored me as an editorial cartoonist, (4) Legendary cartoonist Shri. R. K. Laxman, who inspired me to continue cartooning along with a career in science, (5) Late Shri P.K.S Kutty and Shri. E.P. Unny pioneering cartoonists who are good friends and critiques of my cartoons, (6) All of my publishers, especially Malayalam Patram (NY), Malayalam News (UAE), New Indian Express (NY), and City Journal (Thrissur), (7) Shri. John Mathew of Houston, whom I do not know but was the first to comment and write about the award winning cartoon in 2010 when it originally appeared, (8) Kerala Cartoon Academy and the dedicated followers of my blogs for their encouragements with comments and criticism, (9) My wife, Rekha and daughters who never complained about wasting time doing cartoons and (10) My family in India ,mother, brothers, sister and in-laws without their timely help my entry would not have appeared in the Academy exhibition.


anilkurup said...

Your thanks giving tells your humility. Congratulations and let things go forward and more encomiums visit you.

ലീല എം ചന്ദ്രന്‍.. said...


ഏപ്രില്‍ ലില്ലി. said...

congrats thommy...let those stokes from your pencil keep us think and laugh..