Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Defense Deal


anilkurup said...

LOve that . But because of Antony at the helm of Defence we have transparency for sure.

Mélange said...

Haha..so nice.At least Sarkozy and France celebrated ! Let him win the elections and thank India ..

galanga said...

Great cartoon. But maybe Gandhi has more tricks in his tomb: the deal is not signed yet, it('s only that Dassault has won the offer competition.
Negociating the real contract will take months.
And who know: Mahatma Gandhi may visit one of the indian negociator in his dreams... or the indian negociators may discover how bad this plane is (four crashes so far... and not even in battle field).

P V Ariel said...

Hi Thommy,
Good to be here again.
This lines speaks volumes.
Antony is the right person
to do this. :-)
Thanks for dropping in.
Best Regards
Philip Ariel