Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anna Hazare & UPA


Mélange said...

Spraying is alright.But when it grows to flood,what these people are going to do ? What a hilarious situation to go through.

anilkurup said...

I detest that dump Sardar more than any politicians.
I'm afraid I cannot help not using such strong words.
I wonder how he could be in the RBI.

He in fact is a regent , for the nitwit in waiting - Rahul Gandhi!

Good luck India and she needs a lot of that!

V P Gangadharan, Sydney said...

A very good cartoon!
Right now, every right-minded individual’s wholehearted support through sincere action for the betterment of our ever degrading nation, I suppose, is the paramount need. We don’t have to rally behind the Spin-Doctors instead we can muster our individual support joining the populist movement of the enlightened mass against the malevolence of feudalism and authoritarianism. It is high time to leave aside all the political differences and join hands to make it a formidably unified attack on anarchy, come out with better ideas to make it a collectively successful uprising against the prevalent, iniquitous culture of corruption that ruins our motherland.
I request you to read an insightful report by Murali (Aaruteyoe charatil oru kalippaava), appeared in the September 2 edition of Malayalam varikha. (

Anonymous said...

Excellent cartoon !
Corruption don't disturb UPA government.
For the UPA government, the problem is only Anna Hazare.
Phil from France