Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kodiyeri Speaking...!!!


Anonymous said...

Kandathum kettathum:

Interview over phone by Nikesh from Studio of Kodiyeri at Flrodia USA.

Nikesh: Is there any scope of starting Commnist party in America?

Kodiyeri: No scope at all.. Oru Koppum illya (Why we have to spoil a good country like USA?)

Another reporter Venu: In this US President election who will win Kodiyeri?

Kodiyeri: I think Obama will will. because black & Indians like Obama and also whites and children too like him. it is time for a change here.

Reporter: As everyone knows that you have done Poomodal Pooja at Kadambuzha Devi Kshetram same like that is it true that Obama has done Hanuman Seva in India?

Kodiyeri: I have done Pooja in Kadampuzha is for killing enemies inside the party...Obama has done the Pooja to become the World Police.

Reporter: So do you believe in GOD?

Kodiyeri:This question is not appropriate in this context Venu.

Reporter: I do not think you think that it is good to pray to GOD for your selfish needs and other times you act as if you don't believe in GOD?

Kodiyeri: Not that time my party was against the beliver inside party.. now we can also believe in GOD that is party's agenda changes from time to time.

Reporter: so we will come to our point here. Who will win the US President Election?

Kodiyeri: I cannot say that now,it is like Bratlian Process that is. if white people votes to White people then Obama will miserably loose the elections.

Reporter: When Terrorists are almost ruling Kerala why you the Home minister of Kerala is touring the USA? that is the common talk of the town all over.

Kodiyeri: That is because of mere Jealousy they say. All others also came to USA for tour like this. and then If I am in Kerala I may be killed by bombs of Terrorists, Here I feel really secure & safe.

Nikesh: You have toured USA almost for two weeks now any benefits?

to be contd

Kodiyeri: Why should I trick someone..I just came to wander and enjoy here in USA..And here is the Natural beauty (or beauties?? who knows?)before leaving I will visit Obama and ask for some donation to Hanuman Swamy temple, if it is only Sabarimala & Guruvayur alone then stealing money is difficult lot of shares we need to give. so money is less for me.

Nikesh: so you just came here to wander & for tourist purpose so this is a private visit is it?

Kodiyeri: nope nope... dont publicise this.. I cannot claim my money... just report that I came here for the development of our Tourism in Kerala.

Reporter: This is a live programme Comerade... you are on the air already.

Kodiyeri: I just called you to talk over phone I never knew this Oh GOD...oh even if I want to live here permanently there is no scope for Communist party in the USA.... Amme Kadampuzha Devi Protect me.. I will perform one more "POOMOODAL" pooja to you Ambe.. enne party purathakkaruthe.. partiyil sathrukallum koodaruthe..

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ഇക്കാണുന്നതൊക്കെ സത്യമാണോ?
അതോ ഉണ്ടാക്കി പറയുന്നതോ?

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Anony-uTe comment kalakki.